Hello people.

kotira no syasin wo mite kudasai.


English ga wakaru hito ha kotira wo.


Now, we paticipate in NORCECA pool-A.

I'm a Uno.
And I'm a Assistant coach.
So, I can take have a seat as Assistant coach.

we need same uniform.
same shut, same "pantu" same something.

So, I need a Blue jeans.

HIRO, you understand?


Our Dominica team already finish 3 games.
And, we just have a 1 game.

So, we won 3 games.
Opponent team were St. vincent, Grenada and Bamuda.

Last night, we play St.Lucia.
St.Lucia has a good hitter, good server and good diger.

We are champion if we win last night game.
So,we don't have to lose.
to get a Victory.

My English is too bad. sorry guys.

nihonngo de mata kakimasu ne.


Thank you for your reading.

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hiro さんのコメント...

Thank you for replying me.
Your English is not so bad.
I hope your team gets a victory.