World Champinships first round.


Now I am St. Lucia.
Because, we play the volleyball in St. Lucia.

So, today's morning, we practiced.
And, we used a new ball.

St.Lusia has a good gymnastic.
It's a indoor court, nice floor, nice light and so on.

so, I saw some team.
It seems to strong!
They has nice Kinniku, good skil...maybe.

I think we have to do our best.

In this game, I'm a Assistant coach.


ima, English sika utemasen.
Because, ko-ti no PC wo tukattemasu.

dewa dewa.

Thank you for your reading.

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hiro さんのコメント...

OH, English!!
Writing in English your blog is really good for your English improvement.
Enjoy your trip☆
But, What the blue jeans for??